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First Mate – A 15 ft Boat for Sail, Oars, and Small Outboard. Designed by Ross Lillistone.

Plan is in metric and is available as a PDF download.



First Mate was designed to be the functional equivalent of Phoenix III, being 15′ x 5′ 1″ x 5-1/2″ draft with the board up. She uses the same internal layout, rig options, centreboard, and rudder as Phoenix III, but the construction is in sheet plywood using the taped-seam or “Stitch-and-Glue” method – a system which is particularly suitable for inexperienced builders.

  • Designed to be sailed, rowed, or powered by a small outboard
  • Lightweight Taped-Seam (“Stitch-and-Glue”) construction using sheet plywood
  • Built-in buoyancy tanks
  • Pivoting centreboard and rudder
  • Rig stows within length of boat for trailering

Plans package includes

  • 30 sheets of A3 sized drawings
  • Oar Patterns
  • Comprehensive 70-page instruction manual with sketches and illustrations
  • Choice of three different rig options
  • Option of Metric or Imperial dimensions

Price $165, including postage and packing.  


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