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Flint – a Boat for Oars, Sail, and Small Outboard. Designed by Ross Lillistone.
Plan is imperial and is available as a PDF download.


Flint was designed to be a light-weight, multi-purpose boat which would operate efficiently as a rowboat, a sailboat, and a power boat.

Construction is taped-seam (“Stitch-and-Glue”) using four sheets of 6mm (1/4″) plywood and a small amount of natural lumber. Here principal dimensions are 14′ 10″ x 4′ 3″ x 6′.  The plans come with details for three rig options – a gaff sloop, a gaff cat-rig, and a balance lug – including oar building instructions, rudder drawings, daggerboard and case drawings, and alternative internal layouts.

The boat you see in the heading photo took me 71 hours to construct complete, and the bare hull weighed 35kg (77lbs).

  • Designed to be sailed, rowed, or powered by a small outboard
  • Lightweight Taped-Seam (“Stitch-and-Glue”) construction using sheet plywood
  • Built-in buoyancy tanks
  • Daggerboard and rudder
  • Rig stows within length of boat for trailering

Plans package includes

  • 22 sheets of A3 sized drawings
  • Oar Patterns
  • Comprehensive 29-page instruction manual with sketches and illustrations
  • Choice of three different rig options
  • Option of Metric or Imperial dimensions

Price $70, including postage and packing.  


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