Traditional Sails, Custom-Made using materials of the Highest Quality



I can arrange for sails to be made for your boat.

The advantage to you is that because I have an established relationship with the sail-maker,  I can ensure that you receive a set of high-quality sails made to a traditional cruising finish, designed specifically to suit the design you have chosen.

Because of the variables involved in sail-making, each order is subject to quote. Delivery is via Australia Post, and all orders are insured. For overseas customers, you may find that it is economical to have your sails made here in Australia, because the favourable exchange rate will frequently more than account for the cost of delivery.

Typically, sails come with panels sewn with two rows of standard zig-zag V69 thread, leech cord and cleats, quality eyelets at head, foot, tack, clew, and at the reef cringles. Cloth colour and weight varies according to specification, but an average sail for my designs would be made from 5oz Contender Fibecon.

Let the designer of your boat deal with the sail-maker on your behalf, ensuring that you get the best sails for your project.


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